Minsk Termoplast Plant JSC provide services
  1. Production of molds overall dimensions: 600x800 mm weight of the mold up to 4 tons.
  2. Manufacturing stamps overall dimensions: 500x700 mm weight of the stamp up to 2 tons.
  3. Metal is machined by cutting and pressure. Cutting is performed on lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and automatic longitudinal turning machines.
  4. The production of bodies for end mills, countersinks and reamers as well as mandrels for metal-cutting machines for fixing cutting tools is mastered. The blanks for these types of operations are cut on a band-cutting machine, on a circular saw cutting machine and on an abrasive cutting machine.
Pressure machining is carried out on crank presses with the capacity of 16; 25; 40 and 100 tons on own and customer-made stamps. There are high-speed presses with productivity up to 500 beats/min; two-impact cold-forming automatic machines with productivity up to 120 beats/min.
Cutting blanks from sheet material is made on guillotine shears (sheet thickness 3 mm max); coils of strip material are cut into strips on multi-disc shears (coil height 300 mm max; strip thickness 0.8 mm max).
Wire material with a diameter of up to 5 mm is straightened into rods and cut on a straightening and cutting machine. Wire up to 5 mm in diameter is also calibrated on a wire drawing machine.

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  1. Chrome plating of parts on hangers weighing up to 100 kg (size 900x300x400 mm).
  2. Chemical nickel plating on hangers weighing up to 10 kg (dimensions 300x300x350 mm).
  3. Electrochemical nickel plating in drums of parts such as blades, contacts, tips, etc. made of brass and bronze.
  4. Tinning of parts in drums like lobes, contacts, pins, lugs, etc.
  5. Zinc plating of steel and brass parts in drums and hangers.
  6. Chemical oxidation of steel parts (800x400x400 mm) weighing up to 100 kg.
  7. Electropolishing of stainless steel parts (dimensions 300x300x200 mm) weighing up to 10 kg.
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Casting plastic products on customer molds

Production of plastic products by the methods of pressing and injection molding on the customer's tooling.

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Design and production of molds and dies

The experience accumulated by the company and the use of the latest CAD technologies allow us to offer a comprehensive solution to all issues related to obtaining the finished product from plastic masses:
  • selection of materials that meet all operational requirements;
  • design of products with the development of drawings at the modern technical level;
  • design of technological equipment of any degree of complexity: molds and press molds, vacuum molds, fixtures, gauges, as well as tooling for hot runner casting.
The company manufactures multifunctional die tooling (punching, bending, drawing) ranging from the simplest single operation dies to modern multi-piece combined dies.
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Provide a gym, office space.
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