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Company history

The enterprise is among the leading Belarusian manufacturers of high-quality plastic articles made by injection molding.

Our products are in high demand not only in Belarus but also in other CIS countries. The Minsk Termoplast Plant JSC has proved itself to be a reliable partner, both at the domestic market and at foreign markets.

The Termoplast Plant dates its history from the year 1944. During this time, the enterprise reached the level of a modern industrial complex.

Now, Minsk Termoplast Plant JSC is a part of the Horizont Holding. Due to this, manufacturing facilities as well as flows of goods and raw materials are used in more effective way, and processes intended to attract material and human resources are made easier. The common policy of the Holding enterprises in terms of manufacturing technologies, investments and sales provides advantages in market competition and promotes successful activities both at domestic and foreign markets.

The major areas of activities of Minsk Termoplast Plant JSC are as follows: manufacturing of plastic articles, auxiliary tools for metalworking machinery, manufacturing of molds and dies, sophisticated household goods with electric drives, components for radio, electronic and instrument-making industry.

Minsk Termoplast Plant JSC annually takes part in international exhibition activities both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, keeping track of new trends and developments in the area where the plant’s products are applied and quickly implementing these new trends in the plant’s manufacturing process.

We appreciate our customers’ opinion and meet their desires and proposals because only mutual cooperation promotes further development of our enterprise.

Total company area

63 ths m²


  1. Injection molding machines with mold closing and opening force - from 125 tons to 1450 tons.
  2. Milling machines.
  3. Lathing machines.
  4. Metal grinders.
  5. Press machines.
Works performed by the company
  • Production of plastic products by injection molding.
  • Metalworking, electroplating.
  • Installation and assembly of both individual units and complex products.
  • Packaging and storage of assembled products.
  • Assembly - ultrasonic welding.
  • Assembly - soldering.
  • Kitting, warehousing.
  • Testing and quality control of the assembly.
The materials we are capable to work with
  • Polypropylene
  • LDPE
  • Installation and assembly of both individual units and complex products.
  • ABS plastic
  • HDPE
  • Other
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